Meet our Instructors

All our Pilates Instructors are BASI Pilates Certified and/or mentored.


Andreas Bothner

Andreas has always been a very active person, training in martial arts for many years and still enjoys mountain climbing and scuba diving. During his corporate career, he found yoga and Pilates and realised that his aspirations were changing. He went on to complete two Pilates qualifications and started teaching at various gyms. He has a deep understanding of human anatomy and uses this knowledge and his own personal experience of overcoming invasive hip surgery to help his clients overcome their mental and physical boundaries using a safe and gentle approach.

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Candice Rinkwest

Pilates At Home was founded by Candice Rinkwest, a passionate BASI Certified Pilates Instructor. After teaching at a number of Pilates studios and gyms over the years, she decided to teach independently as she began to see an increasing need and demand for private Pilates classes at home for rehabilitating post-surgery, pregnant and elderly clients who were unable to travel out to a studio. This opportunity challenged her to bring all her knowledge, skills and passions together to create Pilates At Home.


Carrie Knight

Carrie has always been a firm believer that exercise contributes towards a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle. She was diagnosed with Scoliosis which led to her having to get a back fusion. Since her back operation in 2010 Carrie has been practising the art of Pilates and after experiencing the benefits decided to pursue a career as a Pilates instructor to help others with their goals and pain management.


Colleen Logan

Colleen started practising Pilates 8 years ago and was overwhelmed by the benefits not only to the body but the mind. Her passion for Pilates and teaching led her to BASI Pilates where she completed her Mat Certification in 2015.  After working in the IT Banking Sector for 12 years she decided to pursue Pilates full-time and is currently busy with her BASI Comprehensive Certification. 


James Kendall-Smith

James' journey started as a Personal Trainer which ultimately led to his interest and passion for Pilates. After completing his BASI Mat qualification, he switched gears and focused his attention on Private Pilates instruction. He has since worked with a variety of clients and enjoys the different challenges each individual presents.


Naseema Ebrahim

Naseema has always had a passion for improving the lives of others through mind and body awareness and discipline. This led to the first step in her fitness career in 2011, when she began her studies as a yoga instructor. She took a brief break to focus on her corporate career. However, the desire to drive change through physical movement and mental wellness persisted, causing her to refocus her attention and complete a Pilates qualification.


Sandor Szabo

Sandor's fitness career began as a Kung Fu practitioner and then an Instructor. He later obtained his qualification as a Personal Trainer and it was during this time when he realized how important awareness, breath and movement are when training. This sparked his interest in teaching Pilates where his goal is to help his clients improve their body awareness as well and correctly syncopate their breathing and movement to produce optimum results through their training.


Shamiela Isaacs

Shamiela initially started doing Pilates for its healing purposes as she was suffering with lower back pain amongst other ailments. With regular practice she found herself pain free. After experiencing such a profound positive effect on her life, she decided to learn more and became a BASI certified instructor. Her goal is to share the wealth of positivity gained from Pilates that strengthens not only the body, but mind and soul.


Sandra Murray

Sandra is a firm believer that exercise & movement help us perform better in our professions and in our play and make us happier and more fulfilled. When she discovered Pilates, it changed her life in both work and self. She earned her Comprehensive Pilates Certification in 2010 and is also qualified Vertical Dance, Choreography, Barre Method and Rehabilitation. Her desire is to share and assist others so they too can experience freedom of movement and pain through this discipline.


Vivienne Williamson

Vivienne hails from the dance world, having trained and taught both ballet and modern dance. After successfully running a dance studio for over 20 years, Viv closed her studio to focus on her family and started doing Pilates as a way to stay fit, strong and flexible. Falling in love with the method, Viv completed her BASI Mat Instructor training in 2015.  She is inspired to help others achieve the most balanced, efficiently functioning bodies possible.